Collide: The Color of Nothing

a3514226381_10The Monkey isn’t a music journalist. I’m just a middle-aged guy small furry mammal who makes his living (well, used to. Sort of) talking about film. But I do have ears, and music often fills those ears. So, I guess in a kind of nonprofessional, subjective sort of way I’m a music suggester. And today I’d like to talk to you about one of my favorite bands, Collide. After a six-year wait, they’ve just come out with a new studio album called The Color of Nothing. If you’ve never heard of them before, how does The Monkey even talk to you about it? I mean it’s a lot like trying to explain what opposable thumbs are to marmoset’s, and believe me you don’t want to have that conversation.

Statik and kaRIN, the duo that make up the band, have been producing sonic world’s that defy neat labels for twenty-five years, and I’ve been listening to them almost from their start (Holy crap, I’m old).While over the same span of years, The Monkey has been called everything from a dilettante to a… well I didn’t stick around to find out, Collide is often classified as everything from industrial to goth, to darkwave. And they are all that and more. They are kind of like a musical Large Hadron Collider smashing together genre’s and producing something never observed by humans before. Yes, if you like Ego Likeness, Android Lust, or I: Scintilla it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll devour Statik’s landscapes of noise, and the seductive siren voice of kaRIN with the wild abandon of The Monkey at a Chiquita factory. But that doesn’t do justice to the unique sound of Collide either. You don’t listen to a Collide album, you experience it. And The Color of Nothing is an experience worth the six-year wait.

From its deeply layered opening track Wake Up, to the hypnotic closing track Pale Blue, The Color of Nothing is eleven tracks of rapturous, swelling, slightly sinister, poetic compositions. It’s like the sound of eleven unmade short David Lynch films. It’s that strange, and mesmerizing, except you won’t feel like an idiot if you don’t ‘get it’.  If it hasn’t become clear already, The Monkey Loves Collide (and probably has a schoolboy crUSH on kaRIN). I also urge you, dear readers, to head on over to your music streamer of choice and give it a listen. Better yet buy a few copies so they can continue to make great music for years to come.

Some fun and useful shit:

Collide’s webpage is here

This isn’t from The Color of Nothing, but it’s my favorite Collide song.