About Us

In the beginning was The Monkey, and The Monkey was alone. In its restless lonliness it searched for entertainment. Soon it discovered the remote control, and the Roku, and the Fire TV. And he beheld the media he had discovered, and it was good about a quarter of the time. The rest was sort of meh. And he said so. In time Media grew irefulĀ of The Monkey’s constant chiding and the watching of cat videos, and it consumed The Monkey. But the spirit of The Monkey lived on.

In time it found a new body to inhabit, that of a bored and discontent ex-film adjunct. Together the man and The Monkey embarked on a new adventure. Soon others rallied to the cause. For some the byline was its own reward, but others became annoyed when The Monkey translated their work from its original gibberish into something resembling English, and took to the book of face to vent their displeasure. As time went on The Monkey grew weary, and fell silent. Plus he had to get a regular job to pay for a shitload of medical bills. But nothing sleeps forever, and now The Monkey stirs again.